How to Choose Your E-Commerce Online Payment Solution

Choosing an e-commerce online payment solution is the foundation of every online business. No matter how well designed a website may be, without a dependable payment processing service, it is practically useless. Your buyers need to know they can pay with their credit card, and that you have the means to deliver on that promise.

With the advent of the Internet, competition among companies has grown at an exponential rate, and the amount of money flowing into the industry has also exploded. For each consumer who makes a purchase, there are many others just like them, seeking out similar products or services. The number of e-commerce websites on the web continues to grow, and the competition is fiercer than ever before.

Therefore, it is crucial that your e-commerce solutions are continually updated. You want to be sure that all your buyers will be able to use your online payment systems with ease. A shopping cart system that doesn’t function properly could result in lost sales.

Because the security of online transactions continues to be a high priority, most web hosting providers offer hosting and e-commerce software. However, not all providers have these offerings available. It’s important to determine which ones do, and use these to their fullest potential. Here are some ideas to help you determine which companies offer this service.

SSL Secure Card Processing – SSL Secure Card Processing offers online payment solutions as well as PCI compliance. Your buyers can check out with confidence, as your payment processors are protected by the SSL or secure socket layer standard. And because your cardholder data is encrypted, this ensures that only authorized persons have access to it.

Cash Advance Gateway – Since so many people use their credit cards to purchase goods and services online, you’ll want to be sure that your customers have an easy way to make their payments. This is where Cash Advance Gateway comes in. Not only does it offer secure online payment solutions, but it is designed to provide online checkout for consumers.

E-check Processing – Electronic check cashing is an important part of e-commerce. When your buyers to shop online, they expect to be able to pay with their credit card. E-check processing takes this process one step further by sending your customers’ e-checks directly to your customers via email.

PayPal for e-commerce – PayPal for e-commerce is widely recognized as the most popular payment processing provider for online transactions. It allows businesses to accept both credit cards and e-checks for online payments. Plus, they’re fully PCI compliant, ensuring the safety of the sensitive data they store.

Braintree – A popular provider of payment processing Braintree for e-commerce is popular because it offers instant turn-around times, free upgrades, a variety of banking options, and many other options for small businesses. Braintree is a fully-insured service provider. It uses ISO 9000-9000 code for quality control. –, one of the leaders in online commerce solutions, has been providing the e-commerce community with secure payment processing services for more than a decade. It offers a service for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. It provides options such as free card, and account management, instant online processing, advanced fraud protection, and more.

Check Cashing Fore-Commerce – This provider offers services to manage your customers’ e-check payments securely, as well as credit card processing. They offer a variety of payment options including pay-on-delivery, paper checks, direct deposit, and other options. They also offer 24-hour customer service.

In conclusion, it is easy to identify some of the most popular payment processing options for e-commerce. As a customer, you need to choose one of these providers and add them to your list of options for online merchant accounts.

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